REACH+ Project Kicks Off with Successful First Coordination Meeting

The REACH+ project, an ambitious initiative aimed at empowering young LGBT+ people living in rural areas through digital storytelling across Europe, has officially begun with its first coordination meeting. Representatives from partner organizations gathered virtually to discuss the project’s objectives, plan activities, and lay the groundwork for a successful and sustainable network.

The meeting began with a warm welcome and introductions, as participants shared their backgrounds, expertise, and aspirations for the project. This diverse group of professionals, who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of LGBT+ youth, set a positive and collaborative tone for the discussions that followed.

Participants then delved into the details of the project, discussing the three main outputs:

  1. Establishing a sustainable network to support LGBT+ people in rural areas, encompassing a minimum of 9 European countries.
  2. Developing a digital platform with useful information for young LGBT+ people in rural areas.
  3. Empowering at least 15 LGBT+ people living in rural areas through a digital storytelling course.

To ensure the project’s success, partners agreed on specific roles, responsibilities, and timelines. They also discussed strategies for engaging the target groups effectively, including the creation of youth-friendly and inclusive content, as well as plans for launching the digital platform and storytelling course.



The meeting concluded with partners expressing their enthusiasm and commitment to the project. They acknowledged the challenges of reaching and supporting young LGBT+ people in rural areas but remained optimistic about the potential impact of the REACH+ project on this underserved community.

Moving forward, the project partners will continue to collaborate closely, sharing their expertise and resources to build a strong and sustainable network that advocates for and delivers projects tailored to the needs of LGBT+ youth in rural areas. The REACH+ project is off to an exciting start, and we look forward to sharing updates on its progress in the coming months!


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